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Celebrating Our Differences

 Enrich, Empower, Excel: Promoting Inclusive Education for All

Belakoo Trust is delighted to announce the next edition of the "Celebrating Our Differences: Enrich, Empower, Excel" program, a continuation of the successful event held last year. The program's primary focus is on enhancing the quality of education for underprivileged and special needs students in Bangalore. The Belakoo Celebrating Our Differences (COD) Program embodies the vision of a more inclusive and equitable education system, where every child can thrive and succeed. By celebrating and embracing diversity, this event creates a collaborative platform that addresses the challenges underprivileged and special needs students face. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future and foster positive social change in our society. 


Program Highlights

  • Exceptional Performances: The COD program showcases inspiring performances by students from various NGOs, government schools, and schools with neurodivergent and exceptional abilities. These performances will not only demonstrate the students' talents but also break stereotypes and celebrate the unique abilities of each participant.

  • Art Sale: An art exhibition displays the creative expressions of students with unique abilities, providing them with a platform to showcase their artwork. This initiative helps foster appreciation for diverse forms of artistic expression and empowers the students to express themselves freely.

  • Community Engagement: The event serves as a crucial platform for fostering community engagement and social inclusion. Bringing together students, parents, educators, and corporate representatives, the COD program advocates for equal opportunities and rights for underprivileged and special needs students. Participants aim to create a more supportive and inclusive educational ecosystem by working collectively.

  • Enhanced Education: Funds raised from the program is utilized to provide specialized resources, assistive technologies, and training programs for educators. This investment in the education system will help create a more inclusive learning environment where students can thrive regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.

  • Awareness Campaigns: The program aims to raise awareness about the importance of equitable and inclusive education in underprivileged communities. The COD program seeks to promote understanding, support, and empathy for students with unique needs and abilities by reaching out to schools and parents.

Impact of Last Year's Event: The previous event organized by Belakoo Trust received an overwhelming response, with active participation from numerous schools and over 100 students with special needs performing on stage. The funds raised were utilized to provide assistive technology and free CET coaching for over 160 girls, making a tangible difference in their educational journey.

Call for Sponsorship: To ensure the success and positive impact of this event, Belakoo Trust is seeking generous sponsors who share a commitment to promoting inclusive education. By becoming a sponsor, organizations will align themselves with a noble cause and gain valuable brand visibility, promotional opportunities, and media exposure. The contributions will directly support various initiatives for underprivileged and special needs students, opening doors of opportunity and nurturing their full potential.


Your invaluable support as a sponsor will play a pivotal role in making a lasting difference in the lives of countless students. Join us on September 23rd, 2023, to empower and enrich the lives of students in need, demonstrating your organization's commitment to shaping a more inclusive and compassionate world.


Cost of Sponsorship: INR 3Lacs

Our past sponsors

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