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Our Impact

Over the last four years since inception, our team of over 40+ trained and talented volunteers has had a proven impact in accelerating student learning across all of our projects. Our robust volunteer network has been running classes, designing curriculums, and continuing to serve within our classrooms. Most importantly, we are all working together to collectively build a better, educated, and empowered India.


Belakoo Trust has over 90% coverage with the students in Hangrapura Village in Malavalli District. Our students at Belakoo Trust classes in Project Hangrapura/Malavalli are convinced of the value of the strong foundation they receive that makes them life-long learners and happy individuals. 

  • Belakoo Trust’s 100 Kids 100 Skills 100 Smiles' project was launched last year, and now boasts 56 students, having witnessed a fourfold increase in student turnout in just three months. The project targets to reach more than 100 kids in the upcoming months.

  • More importantly, beyond the numbers, the close interaction of these children with Belakoo Trust has transformed the lives of students who would’ve found it easy to give up on their studies, given their life’s trappings. Consider the story of Madhukumar, a bright student who was given a laptop and a phone to keep pace with his online classes through the pandemic. With counseling, he joined a diploma course at an institute that partners with Maruti Udyog and now has a job placement waiting for him at the same company.

  • The impact that Belakoo has made in the lives of these children and families is not measurable. The culture we have cultivated is testimony to the impact we are creating with our work. 

  • The Belakoo Celebrating Our Differences (COD) Program embodies the vision of a more inclusive and equitable education system, where every child can thrive and succeed. By celebrating and embracing diversity, this event creates a collaborative platform that addresses the challenges underprivileged and special needs students face.

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