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Our Impact

Over the past four years since our inception, our dedicated team of 40+ trained volunteers has consistently demonstrated a significant impact on student learning across all our projects. Our robust volunteer network actively conducts classes, designs curricula, and remains committed to serving within our classrooms. Together, we are collectively contributing to the construction of a more educated and empowered India.

However, beyond the numerical achievements, the profound interaction between these children and Belakoo Trust has been a catalyst for transforming the lives of students who might have otherwise succumbed to the challenges they faced. Take, for instance, the inspiring journey of Madhukumar, a bright student provided with a laptop and phone to navigate his online classes during the pandemic. Through counseling, he enrolled in a diploma course at an institute partnered with Maruti Udyog, securing a job placement at the same company.

The impact Belakoo has made in the lives of these children and their families transcends quantifiable measures. The culture we have nurtured stands as a testament to the profound influence of our work

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