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CAMPUS I: Hangrapura, Malavalli

120 kilometres southwest of Bangalore city, tucked away amidst sprawling farmlands is Hangrapura Village. Driving down to Hangrapura from Bangalore is made a breeze by the new highways, and you are welcomed by spirited greetings from the moment you enter the village. By the time one reaches the beloved Belakoo school, even first-time visitors and volunteers feel at home. This is one of the core hubs of Belakoo Trust's supplemental education program. Over the course of four years, the Belakoo Trust team has delved deep to create a learning model that is inventive, outcome-oriented, and engaging. Belakoo Trust's flagship program began on July 30, 2017, as Srinivasan Spoken English Class with only 35 students. Today, the centre at Hangrapura holds pride in hosting over 170 students who have completed more than 70 classes.

Our inhouse Belakube methodology adopted ensures that the students learn by understanding the fundamentals of STEAM and also learning by doing. This ensure that the child becomes more curious, happy to learn and have a logical bent of mind. 


Belakoo Trust’s flagship program started on July 30, 2017, as Srinivasan Spoken English Class with 35 students. Today, the center at Hangrapura holds pride in over 170 students having completed 70 classes. 


The impact we have been able to create: 

  • Our last 3 batches of 10th students have all passed their 10th board exams in first class. Infact, one of our students scored a 94.6%. A great testimony of how a little help and support can get them spread their wings and fly.

  • Our children are happy children in general. That has been our key aim. As we know, happy children are curious and want to learn more.

  • We work with our students to create 360-degree development in a child, to better prepare them for the world outside.


Cost of sponsorship: It costs 10,000 INR to sponsor a class

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