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CAMPUS II: Hebbal, Bangalore

Project: 100 KIDS 100 SKILLS 100 SMILES

Belakoo Trust's new flagship program was inaugurated on August 15, 2021, as “100 Skills, 100 Kids, 100 Smiles” at Hebbal, Kempapura, with 18 students. Over the course of the last year, the program has seen a fourfold increase in student turnout with  . Today, the centre sees a weekly turnout of over 50 students and we have successfully completed 45 sessions. Held every Sunday, the program brings in subject matter experts who impart essential life skills or engage on topics that augment learning based on the 21st-century curriculum. We aim to support and hone the development of children, equipping them to be successful in today’s world. All students participating are also provided with a wholesome meal at the end of every session. 


Unlike traditional schools or learning centres, Belakoo Trust has chosen an approach that carefully marries traditional methods with disruptive execution based on the 21st Century curriculum and Belakoo’s own methodology that involves multi-faceted learning experiences and outcomes. This is the main engine of Belakoo Trust’s supplemental education program initiatives in Bengaluru. 


The impact we have been able to create: 

  • Imparting various life skills, including health and hygiene essentials, basic arithmetic, everyday finance, communication skills, writing skills and more 

  • Students aged 10 years and above are also taught the basics of computers and some basic programming, preparing them for the world outside. 

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