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  • How can I donate money towards Belakoo?

    • Use the donate button in the contact us page


  • What other items for donations does Belakoo accept?

    • School supplies like books, stationary, toys, electronic devices, student school furniture in good working condition


  • What are the other ways in which I can contribute to Belakoo’s mission? 

    • Working in communities, community leader training, Volunteer Enrichment program

    • Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching

    • Networking: Student Community representation, Marketing campaigns, Fund Raising campaigns, Connect, Social Media engagement

    • Skits

    • Writing Content, blogging, white papers, annual reports, proposals for fund raise, Program documentation

    • Technology: Testing, Digital Marketing, Webpage design, Payment Gateway integration, App Development

    • Photography, Audio(+Podcast) and Videography(+vblogs) content

    • Data Management, Program/Project Management

    • Solution: Design and implementation (IoT, Networking, Communication etc)

    • Research

    • Administrative activities

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