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“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before." 

- Dalai Lama


This is our way of giving back to everyday heroes in our lives. We create a learning experience for the children of Police Personnel, Public Health Workers, Sanitation Workers, Pourakarmikas, Firefighters, Postmen, etc, through a day-long fun-filled learning trip across the city. The aim is to encourage experiential learning via observations and discussions. 

A short trip to the Model Village museum in Bengaluru that depicts aspects of rural life was organised for children of the Hebbal Campus. Needless to say, the children not only understood sustainability concepts practised in the villages but also developed an appreciation for the hard life of the villagers and the work they put in to get food to our tables in the cities. The children also had fun just being taken out for a picnic, a joy they hadn’t experienced in the preceding two pandemic years.

Impact of the program: 


  • Students retain concepts better when they see something visually

  • Student’s curiosity and thinking gets ignited by learning by doing

  • They also get to visit a place that their school or their parents would not be able to take them – thereby enhancing exposure.


Cost of sponsoring a learning expedition: 15,000 INR. Click here to sponsor a learning expedition today. 

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