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Literally translated as “The Knowledge Corner”, Jnaana Kone comprises of a completely self-sustainable setup powered by renewable energy, consisting of a fully functioning computer with pre-loaded software and a printer. Our team aims to train one local individual to operate the system, teach, and troubleshoot as required. The core aim of the program is to provide free access to basic but absolutely fundamental technology in remote areas targeting three key demographics - children, youth and adults- and encourage exploration and learning.

Impact of the program: 


  • Students get to access information that can help spark their imagination, 

  • Adults can access land-related information as well as agriculture tips that can help improve yield

  • Provide employment to local youth to manage the kone. As well as overall improvement in access to information for the remote hamlet


Cost of sponsoring a Jnaana Kone is: 7,00,000 INR. Click here to sponsor a Belakoo Jnaana Kone today. 

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