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Why Education?



A quality education not only builds knowledge, capabilities, life skills and values amongst children but also develops their creative, social and emotional abilities. It is crucial for their cognitive and personal development, including critical thinking and problem-solving.


We believe that every child should be able to go to school and complete their education without any discrimination based on gender, caste or socio-economic status.


Belakoo’s goal is to educate underprivileged students to become better citizens with life skills programs, give them a head-start with supplemental academic programs, and prepare them for the future with 21st-century lesson modules. Students are the future of our country, and by giving them access to the right tools and aids, we hope to shape a better society to live in and also work as a catalyst to bring sustainable change in the lives of children. We want to invest in their potential today to make them better citizens of tomorrow.

Only 61% of 3-5-year-olds are enrolled in school

48% of rural kids are unable to read

1.59 Lakh rural children in Karnataka do not go to school

3.6% total number of graduates in rural Karnataka

- According to data collected by UNICEF India

The problem is mammoth, a solution is possible, and help is needed. Let’s come together to do our bit. 

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